Priscilla Gill (1)


HR Division Chair, Leadership and Talent Development – MAYO CLINIC


Priscilla is an ardent advocate for service excellence and quality, boasting a career spanning more than 15 years, during which she has relentlessly strived to elevate workforce capabilities across diverse sectors, encompassing small and large enterprises, as well as the public and voluntary sectors. Her expertise shines through in her adeptness at establishing start-up operations, evaluating organizational efficiency concerning talent utilization, performance enhancement, development strategies, and motivational dynamics. Priscilla is an adept leader in steering transformative change initiatives, achieving remarkable success. Her impressive track record is accentuated by her innovative program development prowess, consistently aligning with and surpassing corporate objectives, thereby forging sustainable competitive advantages.

Priscilla’s specialized competencies encompass the domains of Organizational Leadership and Development, Talent and Performance Management, Employee Relations and Engagement, and the critical realm of Diversity and Inclusion. Her unwavering commitment to fostering excellence in these areas underscores her position as a seasoned professional in the realm of workforce enhancement and organizational evolution.


November 30, 2022 12:35 PM

PANEL DISCUSSION – The ROI of Coaching: Measuring the Impact on Organizational Success


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