Chief Joy Officer & Co-Founder – MOTIVATORS@WORK


Max is a dedicated advocate for reshaping the work landscape into one where Mondays are met with enthusiasm. With a background as the Chief Joy Officer in the C-Suite of Loylogic, Max brings a wealth of knowledge to his mission of improving workplaces.
Transitioning from a diverse career – including a PhD in Chemistry and a successful 15-year span in Marketing – Max’s journey led him to become a self-employed Leadership Team Coach. Now, with Motivators@Work, he focuses on uniting people, building trust, and co-creating brighter futures for organizations.

Motivators@Work employs a robust framework to decode motivation, complemented by inspiring talks and interactive workshops. Through his dynamic approach, Max empowers people and organizations to unlock their potential, fostering collaboration and elevating overall motivation and consequently improving business results.


November 30, 2022 10:35 AM

Panel discussion: Transforming Performance Management: Embracing Change, Fostering Fairness

(This session is recorded at the HORIZON SUMMIT, broadcasted exclusively at The HR Congress WorldSummit online) Discover innovative strategies to reinvent performance management, ensuring fairness, objectivity, and unbiased assessments through effective checks and balances. Dive into the transformative power of technology tools in facilitating meaningful conversations and enabling real-time feedback for continuous improvement.

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