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David is the author of the best selling Fearless HR and Fearless Talent Choices, President of Sage Learning Systems, and former Chief Learning Officer of The Human Capital Institute. The courses he has developed and taught for HCI & SHRM have been taken by thousands of HR professionals all over the world. Prior to these experiences, David spent 25 years in the training industry, working with large global organizations to improve the knowledge, skills and performance of their people. Major clients include FedEx, IBM, DuPont, Microsoft, SAP, American Express, PwC, Ford, Prudential, Apple, Scripps Healthcare, Allstate Insurance and the University of Farmers. In 1984, David had the unique opportunity to work with Apple on the release of the Macintosh; and several years later to help IBM streamline and cross-train over 22,000 manufacturing employees.


November 29, 2022 02:15 PM

Keynote: Pathway to greater HR credibility & success

HR has played many different roles over the years, often based on the context and requirements of the time.  Going forward in a world characterized by unrelenting change, global interdependence, more complex external forces, and advancing smart technologies, these roles shift from administrative and operational to strategic and relational leadership.  It is all about The Trifecta:   "Improving the workplace, to unleash the workforce, to drive meaningful business results."  Eleven pathways and roads less traveled are presented in this journey toward greater credibility and success.

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