Connie Dudum (1)


Director of People & Communities – CISCO


Connie Dudum is a certified coach and a global team leader specializing in transformational initiatives. With a strategic mindset and a compassionate leadership style, Connie is deeply committed to her team, clients, and the impact they create both personally and professionally.

Connie thrives on bringing significant initiatives to life, from conceptualization to strategic execution. Her impressive track record includes leadership of large global programs and teams, encompassing coaching, facilitation, pandemic planning, hybrid work strategies, culture programs, GTM strategy, and executive communications.

Currently, Connie spearheads Cisco’s hybrid strategy and programs, overseeing a team of coaches and facilitators dedicated to fostering healthy, high-performing teams across the organization. Their approach centers on strengths, building trust, collaboration, psychological safety, shared vision, alignment, norms, hybrid work practices, conflict resolution, and organizational culture.

As an executive coach, Connie brings a unique blend of counseling, health, positive psychology, creative storytelling, and strategic communication expertise to guide leaders and teams. Her passion lies in cultivating profound connections within individuals and teams. With a client-centered, systems-thinking approach, she empowers people to unlock their potential, achieve personal and professional goals, and lead more authentic and fulfilling lives.


November 29, 2022 02:45 PM

Cisco’s Hybrid Strategy - Employee centered Approach to Hybrid Working

In today's rapidly evolving work environment, it's time to shift our focus from asking where people should work to a more profound question: "How can we unleash individual and team potential while balancing well-being, engagement, and culture?" Join us in this engaging session with Connie Dudum, Director of People & Communities at Cisco, as she unveils Cisco's innovative approach to hybrid working.

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