The Future of Work: Building an Everywhere Workforce with Global Growth Technology™ 

Day Two - 30th Nov

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Global expansion. Global team building. Global success. What were once mere aspirations have flourished into a thriving global growth mindset embraced by companies of all sizes. Yet, amidst this newfound outlook, a crucial question emerges: Is the current macro-economic environment feasible for companies to expand? And if so, how can companies hire and manage employees compliantly across multiple countries and regions?

Join David O’Reilly, Vice President of Sales, EMEA at G-P, to discover how companies can efficiently tap into the everywhere workforce and take their growth journey to the next level.

Attendees of this session will learn:  Why companies are looking to hire globally despite economic headwinds. |  What challenges companies can expect when hiring across borders. | How Global Growth Technology™ can enable data-driven decisions and provide insights for strategic expansion.

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