Creating capability, developing culture – which to do when and why

Day Two - 30th Nov

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Culture is the most discussed aspect of organisation, even if people often mean different things when they use the word. But a more important term to use in connection with business performance is capability. Both items are intangible, but capability is more precise, and can be managed more easily to meet particular requirements. However, culture is important too, and is increasingly relevant given the need for a more people-centric approach. We usually need both, often at the same time, but which we prioritise most makes a big difference to the impacts we provide, and the way we should go about developing the two properties too. We potentially waste huge amounts of time and effort developing one when the other is more appropriate, and vice versa. Streamline your work and increase your impacts by understanding which you should focus on and when, how you should go about developing them and managing their interconnectedness too.

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